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Unity, Vision and Leadership – IF YOU’RE IN, YOU’RE IN!

As a club the Mt Eliza Football Netball Club has a great opportunity to unite and pull together to start our journey as a group working towards our goals. Our vision is to provide an environment where  young people can develop life and sporting skills, supporters can visit and feel at home and outsiders wonder at our successes.  To do this we need:

The Mt Eliza Football Netball Club have formed a Committee that will provide this direction, good corporate governance and a dedication to get the job done. As I mentioned at the club AGM we will need the support of everyone within the club to achieve this .

Success is a journey not a destination. We must be prepared to do the work required to be successful. There will be many roles that need to filled over the next year, there will be many functions and fundraisers that we need supported and there will be some hard work and a lot of fun times ahead. Our vision is heading in the direction of securing the long term future of our great club.
On behalf of the MEFNC Committee 2019 we look forward to working with you on this journey.