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ROUND 14 WRAP – Mt Eliza V Edi Asp



The senior team were at home to 4th placed Edithvale Aspendale. Coming into the game they hadn’t beaten a team in the top five at Emil Madsen all year and were out to make amends . The Redlegs started strongly with Ben Landry, Rohan Heasley and Matt Lillie tirelessly working in the middle of the ground, coupled with Tim Strickland and Matt Stanley up forward making the most of their opportunities. In what was horrific conditions to play footy in we managed to get to the first break with a 5 goal lead. ( 6.2 .38 to 1.0.6 )

The remainder of the game wasn’t pretty to watch as the weather got nasty, and the game itself was played from one stoppage to another. The 5 goal lead ended up being the winning margin for the day, pleasing to finally have win against a top 5 side at home.

Better players for the day were Jay Neratzaglou who held the inform Edi Full forward too just 2 goals, Jimmy Clayton, Matt Lillie, Rohan Heasley, Josh Curren and Matt Stanley .

Final Scores. Mt Eliza 12.8.80 vs Edithvale/Aspendale 7.7.49

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The starting point for this week is definitely the weather. Arctic cold early on and just a little hail at 9.00am to set the mood. Really pleasing was the enthusiasm in the room with all players on time smiling and not complaining about what was not so perfect conditions. Funny enough all I heard from Edi boys was complaints… We were plus one right there..

The really windy conditions effected both teams with lots of errors and misjudging of the ball flight, not to mention the hand to foot bloopers. It was going to be a day of inner strength, hard fought contested footy and outnumbering at contests. Get it forward by any means and lock it in for a score. We did that well all day

Half time scores of 1.5.11 to 1.4.10 reflected the conditions. And the wind was favouring the Mt Eliza end away from the clubs room if that makes sense. The second half saw the condition improve slightly and we dominated ball and position on ground, kicking 3.5 Edi kicking 2 against the breeze. The last change was full of praise for the hard work for three quarters. Edi had kicked all its goals into the breeze and we had kicked none (0), the message, harder for longer and score as Edi had into the breeze. We halved the quarter 14 points each to see us have a great win in difficult conditions

All players did as asked and worked hard for the win

Score – Mt Eliza 6.12.48 def Edi Asp 4.7.31
Goals – Danks 2, Brattle, Ristrom, Hallpike, Rice

Better players – Chopping, Danks, Hill, Rice, Jackson, Hallpike, Logan, a good contribution by all

A couple of call outs
Mitch Chopping – that’s what leadership and effort look like, fantastic return to what potential you have
Zane Hill – some chasing, bumping and contests where outstanding and hopefully provide a boost in your self belief of how much potential you do have
Sam Danks – for being a great competitor, two goals sauce…. the new go to man up forward

Big Game this week against an opponent who think they have our measure. Let’s send a message this week to all challenges that we are just getting our shit together. The upside boys is huge, lets work hard and see what you can achieve.


It’s never as easy feat taking on an undefeated side, but credit to all teams as we made the Eagles work hard all day.

D GRADE were hoping for a win following a tough couple of weeks however lost by 21 against quality opposition. Krystal was on fire in goals while Bridget held up the defensive end. Composure & confident passes will go a long way for D grade leading into finals.

C GRADE was undermanned this week, thanks to Kierra, Jamie & Bree for helping out. Marcie was her reliable self in goals & hardly missed while Bree was dynamic in centre. The Eagles were too strong however, winning by 25.

B GRADE came out firing at the start of the match & looked like really taking it up to the Eagles, unfortunately though Edi-asp put their foot down & managed to shut down our girls in a great display of netball. Steph was great in goals while Karen C was handy in shutting down the opposition WA. Final score was 38-68.

A GRADE played a fantastic game this week & improved dramatically since our last encounter. Jayde, Michelle & Jess were fantastic in defence & really made the goalers work hard. The Eagles defenders were great also which at times made it hard to score, although we walked away with a 26 goal loss there were many positives to walk away with. We have had a tough 3 weeks against quality teams, we look now to finish strong with 4 wins in every team – finals hopes are well & truly alive so get around the Mounties!!

ROUND 12 WRAP – Mt Eliza V Frankston YCW

Great to see both footballers at the netball and netballers at the football this round. Massive support from each code this week – was great to see. Keep up the awesome work all… ‪#‎oneclub‬


The Senior team had some work to do coming up against a YCW team that had previously won 24 games including a resounding 94 point win over them in their last encounter. In what turned out to be a perfect day for football the young Redlegs were boosted by the return of Jimmy Freeman from Casey VFL and the his younger brother Tommy making his senior debut.

Would be fair to stay the Redlegs needed to start strong , this they did, Matt Lillie set the tone early and made it quite clear that he was not going to be bullied around. Robbie Turnbull back in the team and looking like he is back to the form he was in before his suspension. We managed to win the first quarter and headed to the first break with a 15 point lead. The second quarter the reigning premiers lifted as we expected and in 10 minutes of footy kicked 4 goals to minimise the lead by 11 points at the main break.

The third quarter looked as if it could of gone either way, although dominant and laying 29 tackles for the quarter we once again missed opportunities in front of goal spraying 2 goals and 6 behinds for the quarter, a moment of desperation and courage from debutant Tommy Freeman right on the siren lifted the Redlegs as they huddled for the 3 quarter time break with a 19 point lead.

With a real chance of turning a 94 point drubbing into a win a committed Mt Eliza outfit realised this quarter had to be won. The defence lead by Jay Neratazaglou playing his 100th game, Jimmy Anywl once again playing his role and the brilliance of Boota were able to keep the opposition to just 1 goal in the last whilst up the other end of ground Jordy Capkin, Jimmy Freeman , Buzz Mace and Ben Landry peppered the sticks with 6 goals.

Final scores;

Mt Eliza 14-13-97
YCW 7 -8 -50

In what a real even contribution and many good players on the day our better ones were Jimmy Freeman with 6 goals , Matt Lillie , Darren Booth , Rohan Heals , Jimmy Anwyl , Jay Neratazaglou and super first up game from debutant Tommy Freeman.

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The YCW oval was not in super condition with lots of slippery heavy areas that made ball handling tricky. The team that was prepared to get in lower at the loose ball and work hard as a team would get the advantage. We were and we were good inside…

To follow on from last week we were really solid in every quarter led by some great work in defence led by Liam, Call and Danks. Dane was getting hit outs to advantage and Harps and Pat Coates excellent inside the contest. Forwards playing in front is still a missing piece to work on as well as pressure in F50

Pleasing we were able to win each quarter in a tough contest all day. We won the quarters by 10, 8, 6 and 9 to run out winners by 33 points.

The players are starting to work really well together and build trust and confidence in each other, predictability. Positions in the team are hard to secure and we need to keep working hard at improving each session, importantly get around the players who are not getting regular games.

We come up against the Bulls this week who are always a tough game and we play at the bull pit to make it worse. Let’s prepare as best we can and keeping working for each other every contest

YCW 4.7.31 lost 9.10.64

Goals – Chopping 3, Morrison 2, Quantrelle, Coates, Hill, Hallpike all 1

Better players on the day – Cal Rice, Liam Berry, Coates, Hallpike, Danks, Leonard. It was a good team effort.

The sun was out this week as we headed to Jubilee Park to take on YCW in what is always a tough contest.

D GRADE started a little flat on Saturday & YCW took full advantage of this. Our defence unfortunately could not stop YCW’s new goalers while their defensive pressure made it hard for our mid court. Holly was an asset it centre while Kate H did the job well in WA. Unfortunately, this was not enough with D grade suffering just their second loss for the season 28 – 36.

C GRADE played a great game & were explosive in their attacking end, unfortunately suffering 2 injuries on the day forced some position changes out of the norm & to the girls credit they tried extremely hard to hold it together for the match but became tired & just fell short, losing the match 35 – 41. Marcie was great in goals & supported by Sam while Ally played well in centre.

B GRADE this week were undermanned & we thank Bec & Jamie for helping the team out. Following a close 1 goal win to the Mounties last time unfortunately this was not to be in round 12. YCW applied immense defensive pressure making it extremely hard down the attacking end to hit the ring & feed the goalers. Bayley & Bec were a fantastic combo in defence while Steph supported well in WD. Not B grades day this week, going down 29 – 48.

A GRADE came out firing & hungry after a narrow loss to Mornington last week. The girls have been working so hard & were deserving of a good win… & that’s exactly what they got. Taking home an 11 goal win (40 – 29) was a pleasing result, Michelle & Jess were unstoppable in defence supported well by Bree. Chloe & Kate were on fire in the mid court while the confidence in goals by Abbey was fantastic. A great ‘team’ effort on Saturday.

Next week we take on Karingal, we plan to throw everything we have into this game!!

ROUND 13 WRAP – Mt Eliza V Karingal


The Senior team headed to the Bullpit on what turned out to be a perfect day for footy, boosted by the return of Vice Captain David Barton , JV back from Essendon, Matt Stanley  and Mason Dewit making his senior debut becoming the 40th Redleg to play a senior game in 2016.

Although conditions were fine, the deck was a little soft on foot and Karingal clearly adapted quicker.  The defence was under the pump from the get go and if wasn’t for the strong defence from both Jimmy Anywl and Jimmy Clayton the scoreboard may have been somewhat different at the first break. Once again it was the defence that kept us in the game for the second quarter with the likes of Barto, Gilly , Boota and Mason Dewit causing chaos across half back and we headed into the sheds 6 points up.

The 3rd quarter we were completely outplayed by a determined and disciplined Karingal outfit who continually pushed numbers deep into our forward line making it impossible for us to score, with their tails up the Bulls headed to the last break with all the momentum and 8 point lead.

With the game on the line the Redlegs needed to respond, once again our Skipper Sam Gill stood up, Vice Captain Dave Barton not far behind him, Dan Gormley finding another gear and Matty Stanley showed us why he is so important to our team with some acts of individual brilliance including a specular mark late in the game and finishing with 3 majors.

It took all of the 120 minutes to shake off the Persistent Bulls, however a dominant last quarter kicking 5.6 and keeping the Bulls to none had us run away with a 23 point victory.

Final Scores

Mt Eliza 10-12-72

Karingal 6-13-49

Better Players on the day .. Sam Gill, Mason Dewit, Darren Booth  Matt Stanley, David Barton, Jimmy Clayton and Jimmy Anywl


After coming off a great win last week against a very good YCW side we came up against Karingal who are fighting it out for 5th spot.  We started the way we finished off last week, with a dominate display with a 5 goal to nothing first term.

From there it turned into a bit of a slog and a few missed opportunities in front of goal and drop in intensity and work rate saw them never out of the game. We eventually held on to a tight 14 point win.

Aaron McIlroy, Matty Neratz along with Cranny and Nugget both kicking 3 goals up forward were among out better players.


At the Bullpit the Mt Eliza boys served up less than the standard required to win against good sides. It was noticeable before the game that the boys were quite happy with themselves after recent weeks of good results. “Getting ahead of themselves” you could be forgiven for thinking.

In summary our back line played really well led by Sam Danks, Max Rea did a great job on a very good Karingal Player and reliable Liam did well supported by Zane.

Mids tried hard all day, Dane doing well with the majority of supply to Harps, Pat, Oscar and Richo who all contributed along with Johnny and Jacko on the wings.

Forwards – not enough real pressure, no intensity to win the ball and reactive movement most of the day. We must improve up forward to really contend in competitive games.

I am placing a job advertisement this week seeking hard working forwards. To apply see the coach with your reasons for being considered. The first two (2) game day qualities required are effort and pressure.

Losing by 8 points and not playing our best football provides great hope of big improvement. We also had to play with 17 men for 15 minutes after the umpire sent our player off for absolutely nothing to effect the game. We actually hit the front during that period

Karingal – 7.8.50 def Mt Eliza 6.6.42
Better Players – Danks, Harps, Oscar, Maxie, Jacko, Coates,


On Saturday we took on Karingal at the ‘Bullpit’. D GRADE had great skills on display in the match & performed extremely well against a vastly different Karingal side than when we last met. Bridget was fantastic in defence & Bec L & Kate H did some great work in the mid court. Unfortunately, the girls were just outplayed in the end losing 36 – 24.

C GRADE had a fantastic 1st half & were level with the Bulls at half time, Jamie was unstoppable in goals & was clearly noticed by the opposition having an experienced higher level defender put on her in the 2nd half (a great compliment). Ally did a great job in centre & Steph was fantastic in defence. We could not run out the whole game on this occasion losing 66-35.

B GRADE were on fire for the majority of their match & had the Bulls at their mercy, they led at every break thanks to some excellent goaling by Steph & Bec. Jo & Verona were a dream combination in the mid court & helped consolidate our scoring opportunities. We ran out of steam in the last quarter however & paid for a few turnovers going down 56 – 49, a great effort by the team.

A GRADE had a tough day as soon as they stepped on court, coming up against a full VNL/ANL line up is never easy, however the positivity & work ethic shown by the girls was to be admired. Jess & Jayde never stopped in defence while Abbey continued to be creative in trying to consolidate in attack. We lost on the score board (74 – 22) however left feeling proud of our resilience & determination.


On a Thursday evening in late November last year, a group of people met to discuss the possibility of the club selecting a team of the half century.

The Gala Ball on Saturday Night represented the culmination of 7 months of hard work and planning, and what an outstanding night it was for all.

Plenty of music and dancing, some great food, drinks and outstanding company and of course the presentation of the 50 club heroes from 50 amazing years.

From those 50 heroes the Team of the Half Century was announced.

It was so great to be able to have 22 of the 25 selected players and the coach in attendance at the function – and what a great photo to have of all of these club champions together.

The club congratulates all of those players who were presented to the audience at this Gala Event and also offers a special thank you to the selectors: Tony Austin, Greg Lambert, Howard Reade and Paul Hopgood who worked tirelessly to pick the Mt Eliza Football Netball Club Team of the past 50 years.

An honour board will be erected in the club-rooms to honour the team.

Thank you also to Dave Thomas who flew in from Sydney to act as Master of Ceremonies for the evening – another Club Legend.

A full album of images will be posted of the event shortly.

Another great event for the MEFNC history books.

Mte2016-Team of the HalfCentury

ROUND 11 WRAP – Mt Eliza V Mornington


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We took on a winless Mornington on the weekend and judging by our first half that was exactly the way we approached the game. We weren’t hungry enough and didn’t work anywhere near as hard as we needed to and to their credit they had crack and were right there with us at halftime.

Out attitude was better after halftime. Our fitness took over and we ran, switched and were braver with our ball movement and this resulted in a lot more scoring shots and a pretty easy win in the end.

Josh Curren was great again off half back. Riley Thorpe was super through the midfield in the second half. Cranny was good back from injury along with Nick McKinnon and Oscar Whitty up from the unders was very handy also.


Sunday is not the traditional game day for our team and is sometimes referred as a day of rest, not today. We took on arch enemy Mornington on what was a great day for football in almost perfect conditions. The match preparation was well executed with a good vibe and interest in what we were preparing to execute.

On paper we had a very talented side, the trick was to focus on how to execute as a team and be relentless for as long as we could. What a great start, kicking into the wind we were really strong at the contest and set the tone for the rest of the day kicking 4 goals to 1 against a 2 goal breeze.

At halftime we led by 55 points after dominating the entire quarter with so much football in our half of the ground. Great work again winning the disputed football and some good set up behind the football. The message going into the second half was to continue to keep up the pressure

The third quarter saw Mornington crack in and throw everything at us, we matched them and eventually won the quarter by 7 points. Again into a wind and our sharing of football and run and carry a highlight. We discussed the key points and set about what we should do in the last quarter to finish the game out? Reward the overlap, Switch the ball to open space and lower our eyes going forward to more hit up targets was the objectives. We did all pretty well and went on to win convincingly by 90+ points

Scores – Mt Eliza 18.15.123 def Mornington 5.1.31
Goals – Turnbull 3, Hill, Craig, Coates, Freeman, all 2, Danks, Leonard, Forrest, Farish, Hawkins, Chopping, Brattle
Better Players – Turnbull, Leonard, Coates, Logan, Craig, Whitty – was a good team effort

Big Challenge next week against YCW, lets keep improving each week guys


This week was rivalry round which saw Mt Eliza take on Mornington in a Sunday match.

D GRADE got off to a slow start & did not play their best this week, credit to Mornington however who were hungry for their first win & played a great game. Our girls were a little flat & lacked the effort in the one percenters this week which saw them just take the win 30-28. A lesson that you can never be complacent no matter who the opposition is. Renae & Olivia held up the defensive end this week very well.

C GRADE came charging out of the gates this week with a 16 goal first quarter. They worked extremely hard & their effort paid off. Bree was dynamic in centre while Kate P threw herself at everything in defence. Bridget stepped up to C grade this week also & did a fantastic job in defence. C grade took the 4 points winning 55-21.

B GRADE had pockets of greatness on Sunday but with that came some passages of play that just took them out of the game. Mornington were a tough opposition & to their credit made us pay for our mistakes. One too many turnovers unfortunately saw the B grade team lose by 7 goals. It was however a high scoring game (50-57) with both teams goaling ends on fire. Karen Russo shot well while Bayley held up the defensive end well. Patience was the lesion learnt in this game with the emphasis on maintaining possession & making the right decisions. Finals hopes remain alive for the B grade team; however they need to continue to work hard.

A GRADE was again unfortunately undermanned, however the additions of Danielle & Madelina to the team were great & they contributed well. The girls put up a great fight & did not allow Mornington to run away with the game, it was close until the very end. Jess played an amazing game while Madeline & Michelle teamed well in defence. A few lapses of concentration throughout the game allowed Mornington to capitalise & saw the team go down 35-40, they were however gallant in defeat. Next week we take on YCW at FDNA which will be a test for all teams.