Mt Eliza – Club Sponsors – please fill in these details for your club website entry

Thanks for being a Sponsor of our great club.
Thank you for being a sponsor of our great club; we take this opportunity to welcome you and your business as a valued member of our football and netball community. To ensure our band of volunteers can promote your correct details on our club website as accurately and quickly as possible, we request you fill in this form. 
Your name and contact details please so we can contact you if we have any questions.
This is the name of company or person that has signed up to sponsor the club it may be different from the name that appears on the website. We use this information to match up with your Sponsorship Agreement.
Please select the level of sponsorship you have chosen to support us with
Details for your website entry.
This section is the information that will appear on your sponsorship entry on the club website and other electronic media. Please note if you exceed the number of characters permitted for your level of sponsorship, your copy could be cut off mid-sentence or, worse still, mid-word.
This is the main name/title of your sponsorship entry.
Maximum number of characters: Platinum: 400 - Gold: 300 - Silver: 200 - Bronze and Contra or Pro bono: 100
File must be .jpg or a .png and must be 400 pixels wide by 250 pixel high. Please ensure it has a white background.
This is the phone number you want displayed with your sponsorship details.
Please supply the website address that you would like us to use in your entry. Usually this will be your company website or a page on your website. We reserve the right to refuse a web address if we deem it is inappropriate or if the content may offend visitors to our site.
This can be a photo, graphics file or video (maximum of 15 seconds - no sound will play). The photo, graphics and video files needs to be in 16 to 9 ratio to view on a HD Tv. The photo or graphics file can be a .jpg, .png or .pdf. preferable 150dpi. The video file needs to be .mp4 file ( please.
The signage will be 2400mm x 900mm. We require a full colour .pdf file for this size at 72dpi please. Please allow bleed.
That's it then. Thank you for your patience.
Please note that your Sponsorship needs to be paid in full before your entry will appear on the site. Sponsor placement and page order will be completed on a 'first in best dressed' basis.