Round 3 – Red Hill – Football

Under 19
A solid win against Red Hill sees us go 3-0 . Inaccurate in the 1st qtr with 5 behinds still had us leading . 2nd qtr we got our ball movement going and also started to win it in close to kick 4.3 for the term and to lead by 26pts at the half . A poor 3rd brought them back into and then a good last qtr got us out of trouble again , confirming our fitness as a real strength. A.Dignan was best with L.Hodder back from Stingrays mighty in the second half . J.Sengstock in the last kicked 3 to assure the win . That win sets up a top of the table clash with the also undefeated Sorrento this week at home 
We headed to Red Hill to play against a new, unknown opponent who had two big wins in recent weeks.  
The game was close all day in what was be a very low scoring game on the massive ground. We headed into the last quarter 8 points down with some confidence and belief that we could get the job done.  We certainly gave ourselves every chance but couldn’t impact the scoreboard and finished 4 points at short. Bit of work for us to do but a good learning curve for us.
“Where the hell is Red Hill Football Ground”
Our Newest team in Division 1 Red Hill FNC are known for putting on a good show. They were ready to host our exciting young senior team. It was 1998, before many of the team were born, the last time a Mt Eliza senior team played at Red Hill. 
The ground is really big and the conditions usually really poor. The conditions didn’t disappoint, what started out a fierce quick ball movement game turned into a slippery slug fest as the weather set in. It never dampened effort which was a highlight yet again of our team in any conditions. Very proud of the team spirit and selfless attitude by all
The scores where never much more than a goal and they were premium. 8 goals for the day from a combined 750 possessions give an indication of the hard fought territory battle. We could really easily be 3 wins from 3 games right now, and it provides our motivation to improve every week

Watch the video of the Seniors Full Game – Mt Eliza v Red Hill

Watch the video of the Highlights of Seniors game – Mt Eliza v Red Hill